Project overview

The Giardini Baltimora, a public park in Genoa was previously known to be a dark and a bit unsettling place, but thanks to renovations it has been completely revitalised. We brought the Giardini Baltimora out of the shadows with a playful new brand that reflects its joyful rebirth. Our comprehensive branding project captures the new bright atmosphere through naming, tone of voice, wayfinding, and  visual identity.


Communicate the park as a joyful and bright place for everyone


Funny and unconventional


All park visitors!

Communication goals

  • Disrupt the pre-existing image
  • Communicate the change as a revolution
  • Make the entrances more visible and accessible
  • Arouse curiosity


The target audience includes all people who might frequent the garden; in particular coworkers from neighbouring offices and students from the Faculty of Architecture.

Tailoring graphic language

A different graphic style has been planned depending on the context and type of event; more serious subjects and neutral colours for formal ones and the exact opposite for concerts and aperitifs.

Finding Waldo’s Entrance

Almost everyone in Genoa knows the area where the gardens are located, but finding the access points can be a navigation puzzle: that’s why we designed a bright and eye-catching signage.